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What Makes My Hair Care Easier? It’s Garnier Fructis Pure Clean Detangler + Air Dry

Hey! Tangles, static and frizzy flyaways give lots of women sleepless nights. It seems like there’s no way to tame them. The best brushes fail. Cosmetics lose with tangled hair. I used to have the same problem. Now it’s changed! Since I started using Pure Clean Detangler + Air Dry, all my hair problems are gone. How did Garnier Fructis help me? It l[...]

How to make hair dry and curl it with just one tool? Give a go to Brush Activ’ Volume&Shine by Rowenta

Hello! Both hair care and hair styling become way more effective when we can make use of devices that fulfil many tasks. One of such devices is a rotating blow dryer and hair curler in one, Brush Activ’ Volume&Shine by Rowenta. How does this tool help me style my hairdos? Find this out! Why did I take to Brush Activ’ Volume&Shine? I was look[...]

What harms the hair? What to avoid to have healthy hair

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Hello, lovelies! Things that are harmful to our hair have already been mentioned in various posts, nevertheless, this question is still most common in the e-mails I receive from you on a daily basis. Therefore, I have decided to devote a separate entry and gather all the things that are dangerous to our hair. Let's get the list started!  Hair Bleaching[...]

Colour-treated, damaged, oily hair? Discover how to take care of your hair properly

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Hello! If you have colour-treated hair and continue to take care of it the same way as before applying the dye, you might not be aware that it is a huge mistake. Are your strands dry and thinning or maybe you struggle with excessive oiliness? You must take matters into your own hands, immediately! Read today's entry and you will discover how to take car[...]

Why Do You Go Bald? Hair Loss Causes & Treatments

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Hi! Not every girl can boast about a voluminous hairdo. There are people who lose huge amounts of hair. If you’re one of them, find out why it happens. Discover the causes of hair loss and learn to deal with the problem. Why do you lose your hair? Hair falls out excessively due to genes. You can take the hair loss after members of your family. It[...]

Visiting a Trichologist… Is There Anything to be Afraid of?

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More and more women are getting interested in the appearance and condition of their hair. They use professional cosmetics and special hair salon treatments, following the latest hair trends. What about the scalp treatment? A trichologist is coming to rescue. What does the doctor do and what does the visit look like? Trichology – what is it? It is an ar[...]