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Nanolash Cluster Lashes – DIY Lash Extensions – My Wow Effect!

I've been caring for my lashes with the help of my lash artist for over 4 years. Most often I had 4D lashes done because I appreciate the ultimate volume. After years of treatments, my lash artist herself recommended  I take a break to let my natural lashes recover. Well, but could I live without my lash extensions on a daily basis? That's why I decide[...]

Which Heat Protectant Spray Do I Recommend? Check Round-Up of My Favorites!

How often do you use a heat-styling tool or a blow-dryer? Flat irons, heated rollers, curling wands... They all help to get a dream style but the overuse often leads to total hair destruction. They deprive the hair of water, leaving it crazy dry. How to secure it against the heat then? I use a brilliant remedy - a heat protectant spray - every time I reach[...]

My new fave! Retinol face serum by Nanoil

A few months ago I would say that "I'm looking for some good product to remove skin discolorations." Today I can finally say that I found one! I bought it, I tested it so I can review it. I'm talking about Nanoil face serum with retinol. How does it work? What does it contain? Is it really able to bright up skin pigmentation? Is it equally effective on every[...]

What To Wash Your Face With? Pluses & Minuses of Various Skin Cleansers

Howdy! Let me wholeheartedly welcome you on my blog and since you're here I'd like to encourage you to read my newest post on the skin cleansers. I'm going to tell you a little bit about the advantages and downsides of these essential skincare products. I hope that this kind of round-up will make it easier for you to pick up the most suitable cleanser for y[...]

Vitamin C Skin Care Products – Who Can Use Them, How and Which Ones Work Best?

We all know vitamin C very well. We should invest in products rich in it because it has a very beneficial effect on the facial skin. Read on to see if vitamin C is good for all skin types, what it cannot be paired with and which products to choose. Is vitamin C right for your skin? Yes, it is because vitamin C works well for any skin type. It always brings[...]
nanolash lash lift kit

I Did My First Lash Lift At Home With Nanolash Lash Lift Kit. Check Out How It Worked For Me!

Dear readers! Are you ready for an eyelash-styling revolution? If so, you should check out this post! In it, you will discover a product that may change your way and approach to lash care and styling once and for all. I'm talking about Nanolash Lash Lift Kit - a lash lamination kit that helped me regain faith in my own lashes! Nanolash Lash Lift Kit - a[...]

NANOIL hair mask with argan. Review, comments, benefits

Hair repairing mask with "Liquid Gold of Morocco" caught my attention the moment I saw it for the first time. I totally trust Nanoil brand and I love argan oil so when I saw that there is a new product that combines both elements then I just had to get it! As far pure argan oil has served my hair amazingly well so I thought it would be a pretty good idea to[...]