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Nanoil top-rated hair styling spray

HIT! Stellar Hair Primer – Nanoil Hair Styling Spray

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If you like to blow-dry your hair then I've got a stellar product to share. Maybe you're already familiar with a styling primer from Nanoil. If not, you must keep reading because this spray is unusual. Enjoy my review of Nanoil Hair Styling Spray! I'm sure each of you wants a perfect hairstyle which looks natural - not stiff or sticky from hairspray. It tur[...]
nanobrow eyebrow serum

Nanobrow: 30 days to get eyebrows I’d been dreaming of. My eyebrow serum review

Hey! I know you've been waiting for the promised Nanobrow review quite long. I recently finished my brow treatment. Then, I had my eyebrows done in a salon, they have a perfect shape which goes along with my face features. I'm positively surprised by the record time I managed to achieve that. I thought it would take several months. The process might be leng[...]

Bio Oil – face, body and hair test – effects and opinions after three months

Bio Oil is a well-known cosmetic around the world. There are no women who wouldn't hear about it. The product is designed to reduce the visibility of scars and stretch marks and is especially recommended for pregnant women of after giving birth. According to the producer, the cosmetic will help get rid of not only new but also the older stretch marks.[...]

How to make hair dry and curl it with just one tool? Give a go to Brush Activ’ Volume&Shine by Rowenta

Hello! Both hair care and hair styling become way more effective when we can make use of devices that fulfil many tasks. One of such devices is a rotating blow dryer and hair curler in one, Brush Activ’ Volume&Shine by Rowenta. How does this tool help me style my hairdos? Find this out! Why did I take to Brush Activ’ Volume&Shine? I was look[...]

New fragrance by Eisenberg. Latin Orientals and an exotic world closed in a phial

Hello! Exotic aroma, oriental look, Eastern design... This is how I could describe new fragrances by Eisenberg, Latin Orientals. What is hidden inside, who would find them perfect and how to extend the product's lifespan? Enjoy reading. Oriental phial Eisenberg has launched two phials of Latin Orientals: for him, recognized by rather a plain and smooth[...]

Is It a Perfect Mascara? I’m Testing Urban Planet Pro Artist Mascara Volume Edition

Hi, there! Have you ever bought a mascara only because it was on special offer or you simply felt like buying it? I have… A few days ago, I left a store with a bargain mascara and a big smile on my face. Sadly, my enthusiasm was quickly gone. What happened? Appearances can be deceptive Urban Planet Pro Artist Mascara Volume Edition looked like a regul[...]