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Good girl – new fragrance from Carolina Herrera

HIYA! Independent, sexy, elegant, naughty and good. Such is the modern woman who uses perfumes from Carolina Herrera, Good Girl. If you want to feel the same way, try out this fragrance closed in the original bottle. A feminine perfume flask  Good Girl fragrance by Carolina Herrera comes in a stiletto-shaped bottle. A dark blue glass and golden high he[...]

Gelatin Hair Treatment. Does It Actually Work?

In today’s post, I’d like to tell you about the gelatin hair treatment. Recently, I’ve been positively surprised by the effect. My hair’s beautiful, shiny and silky smooth – as if I just left a hair salon! What is hair lamination? I first came across this term on blogs some time ago. I was beginning as a blogger and focused on t[...]
Nanoil - effective hair oil

My Hair Oiling Champion – Nanoil!

Hey! Today’s post is about my beloved oil. I cannot imagine my daily hair care without it. Believe it or not but I found it … on a different blog. Now I am glad I got tempted. Let me introduce the star of this episode – Nanoil hair oil designed for three types of hair porosity. I guess everything has been said about hair porosity and oiling. If[...]

Top 6 Oils In My Hair And Skin Care

I keep getting the same questions since I’ve started using oils in skin and hair care. What oils do you recommend for face care? Which hair oil will work best for my hair? Which natural oils are worth choosing? I always say: THERE IS NO UNIVERSAL OIL – each of us has to match an oil to her needs, skin and hair type, and financial possibilities. We can b[...]
Lashcode - best mascara for short lashes

Review | Lashcode Mascara – Big WOW!

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I haven’t been reviewing eye makeup products for some time so today I’ll tell you about my latest discovery – Lashcode mascara. Something for all girls who don’t like the ‘panda look’ but expect the wow effect. I bought Lashcode online. It’s not expensive in comparison to other luxury mascaras. It looks truly tasteful. What about the effects?[...]