Cosmetic Tests

How to make hair dry and curl it with just one tool? Give a go to Brush Activ’ Volume&Shine by Rowenta

Hello! Both hair care and hair styling become way more effective when we can make use of devices that fulfil many tasks. One of such devices is a rotating blow dryer and hair curler in one, Brush Activ’ Volume&Shine by Rowenta. How does this tool help me style my hairdos? Find this out! Why did I take to Brush Activ’ Volume&Shine? I was look[...]

New fragrance by Eisenberg. Latin Orientals and an exotic world closed in a phial

Hello! Exotic aroma, oriental look, Eastern design... This is how I could describe new fragrances by Eisenberg, Latin Orientals. What is hidden inside, who would find them perfect and how to extend the product's lifespan? Enjoy reading. Oriental phial Eisenberg has launched two phials of Latin Orientals: for him, recognized by rather a plain and smooth[...]

Is It a Perfect Mascara? I’m Testing Urban Planet Pro Artist Mascara Volume Edition

Hi, there! Have you ever bought a mascara only because it was on special offer or you simply felt like buying it? I have… A few days ago, I left a store with a bargain mascara and a big smile on my face. Sadly, my enthusiasm was quickly gone. What happened? Appearances can be deceptive Urban Planet Pro Artist Mascara Volume Edition looked like a regul[...]
good vitamin c face serum Nanoil

Nanoil with vitamin C. When and how do I use it? How did it affect my skin?

I'd like to devote today's post to my absolutely fave skincare product - Nanoil Vitamin C Face Serum. I've been using it regularly for a few months now and I can honestly tell you that my skin loves it! At last I got rid of dark acne spots, which I thought would stay with me forever. So, by the time you finish reading this post, you will have learnt how Nan[...]
organique sweet moments

Sweet Moment – Valentine’s Day limited edition by Organique

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Organique is one of my favourite brand selling conditioning products and I've been faithful to it for a few years now. I keep an eye on all the new stuff Organique releases, but I also like to reach for the products that have been available in this brand's offer longer. One of such products is the limited edition cosmetics designed for Valentine's Day. Altho[...]