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Rundown of the best brow gels – ranking Top 3


Welcome after a short break from blogging 🙂 I have a new entry prepared for you. Today’s topic: BROWS.

I have never thought that brow gels would become a product I can’t live without. In the past, I’d go for a very dark brow pomade and a 10-shade powder palette. These days, I prefer to choose more naturalness and freedom in makeup. I like it when my eyebrows are “imperfect” and I’m really glad that the Kardashian-style eyebrows are out of style. Uff!

Welcome to a rundown of my beloved brow gels that I can’t imagine doing my everyday-wear makeup without. Meet my top 3! 🙂

#1 Nanobrow Lamination Gel

best eyebrow gel

Nanobrow Lamination Gel is one of the best makeup products I have ever used. For me, less is always more which is why I love the effect of fluffy, light eyebrows. Lamination Gel ensures a super natural look – a laminated brow effect.

The brow gel is available in a dark elegant tube with a dense silicone spoolie. Its ergonomic shape reaches every little hair and the small size allows you to brush your hairs thoroughly without coating your eyebrows with the product. The gel covers brow hairs and enhances their volume. Similarly to the lamination treatment, after application, your eyebrows will be more elastic and prone to styling. I comb them upwards and give them the desired shape. When the Nanobrow gel dries it’s very tough and nearly indestructible. Waterproof, smudge-proof and smear-proof – it leaves makeup looking fresh all day long. 

What’s unique about it is the remarkable natural laminated brow look. I admit that I have never encountered a brow gel this long-wear. With Nanobrow, I’m able to stop booking the next beautician treatments as my eyebrows look as though I’ve just had my eyebrows done.
Before, I had to visit a beauty salon at least once a month. I needed to spend lots of money on every appointment because I couldn’t tame my brows on my own. Nanobrow Lamination Gel lets me become my own brow artist 🙂

#2 Glossier Boy Brow

what brow gel is best

One of the reasons why I like the Glossier brand is their minimalistic design. The packaging of their products is simple but totally in my style. The bestseller Boy Brow gel always seemed interesting to me and I only bought it for the purpose of testing it for the blog. According to Emily Weiss, the Glossier founder, the brow gel formula is inspired by a traditional wax for beard grooming 🙂 The Boy Brow consistency is a bit like wax and it’s mainly composed of beeswax and Carnauba wax. Generally, waxes keep hairs in check without the feeling of skin stiffness or tightening. But, paradoxically, the brow gel dries rather quickly and isn’t greasy. This consistency is not typical for brow gels and may not appeal to everyone, but I like this quality.

A small, tapered spoolie makes the brow gel application very simple. The applicator grabs every tiny hair without leaving any excess product. The Glossier brow product has a great composition – you can find oleic acid, lecithin and atelocollagen here which nourish and hydrate weak hairs effectively.

It’s worth knowing that the transparent version “clear” of the Boy Brow gel appears white seconds after use, but it changes its colour in a flash and becomes see-through. The tinted gels’ pigmentation is all right although I am missing neutral shades.

The product suits all skin types. The formula is fragrance-free and alcohol-free.
The Glossier brow gel is available in 5 shades: clear, blond, auburn, brown, black.

#3 BeneFit Gimme Brow+

good eyebrow gel

The BeneFit brow gel is an iconic product that I discovered years ago. I tended to use Gimme Brow+ for several makeup looks but with time I stopped using it as often and replaced it with other brow gels. Nowadays I own a mini version of the original one that I take with me everywhere I go. Its cute micro-spoolie works incredibly well on my eyebrows. The product’s application is child’s play and the tiny brush makes working with it easier. The applicator is in the form of a spoolie.

Thanks to its formula full of microfibers that adhere to brow hairs, the arches are fuller-looking and any cavities and imperfections – less visible. Even though I like classic brow gels, the one by BeneFit works great for me.

Gimme Brow+ has been known before as Gimme Brow, The brand changed its name after updating its composition and introducing a few new colours.
The BeneFit brow gel comes in 10 shades. However, I’m missing some very dark brown and black shades 🙁

In summary: I love brow gels! I hope this post will turn out to be helpful for you and that you’re going to test some of my favourites.
Thanks for being here! 🙂 Bye!

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