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How to Use an Epilator? Game-Changing Tips!

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I agree that removing hair with an epilator is quick but you must remember that it’s not suitable for everyone. That’s the topic of today’s post – how to use an epilator and who it’s best for. :) We, women, don’t have an easy life! Non-stop beautifying. Tons of nourishing, moisturising and protecting creams. Regular skin exfoliation. Removing[...]
winter skin care

Winter skin care. Things you can and shouldn’t do

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HELLO! In the winter, our skin is exposed to irritation, dehydration and frostbite. If you wish to avoid such unpleasant surprises, you must use proper cosmetics or undergo specialized beauty treatments. However, not every procedure is allowed in the winter! There are some restrictions you must follow! Check out which products can be used and which ones a[...]

How to Apply a Mascara? Urban Planet Pro Artist Mascara Length & Volume Edition Review

Hey! There are mascaras that can give you a real make-over. Obviously, it’s going to be a change for better. Urban Planet Pro Artist Mascara Length & Volume Edition is one of them. How it works for a daily makeup and how to use it the right way? How to apply a mascara? My short guide The zigzag motion is the best-known technique. You move the wand[...]

Natural and versatile cosmetic – the wonderful c

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Not only does it smell beautiful, it's also efficient and works for everything ... ok, maybe I exaggerated it a bit, but I want to tell you that coconut oil is a brilliant cosmetic that is able to fully replace a number of other products in the bathroom. Coconut oil is perfect for a holiday trip: you can only take 1 jar and you'll have a night face serum,[...]

Lymphatic drainage massage for face. How does it look like and what are the effects?

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Hello Girls! From time to time I struggle with blemishing puffiness that occurs around my eyes. I guess many of you are familiar with this beauty issue. Unfortunately, home remedies don't always appear to be as effective as I wish them to be. While searching for other methods of removing under eye sagging, I came across information concerning lymphatic ma[...]

Crow’s Feet & Dark Circles? How Around-Eye Skin Grows Old…

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Hey! These are the first signs to appear – charming for some, giving others a headache. Expression lines, crow’s feet and dark under-eye circles. That’s what our eye skin is going to (or already does) look like. Check how it ages and how to delay the unwanted process! Dark under-eye circles The skin under your eyes is very sensitive, fragile and t[...]

Vegetable care? Discover the properties of parsley seed oil

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Hello lovelies!  I must share my recent purchase with you! As you already know, I am a huge fan of natural plant oils, but until recently, I had no ideas about the existence of this particular oil. This is definitely my cosmetic discovery of the year! Today's entry will be devoted to parsley seed oil. Composition  In this oil, we find petroselinic ac[...]