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Wonder Worker From Nanobrow: Shape Mascara, Simply A Great Brow Mascara!

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Hi there, ladies! 😀

Did you know? There are really a lot of brow makeup mascaras in the beauty stores but only one great one, which has become my beauty wonder. Lately, I don’t use anytrhing else for my brow makeup apart from Nanobrow Shape Mascara and I assure you that the effects are worth the investment. I didn’t think that something as classic as a mascara could give my brows such volume and style for my eyebrows perfectly! Today I’m reviewing this fabulous brow mascara, enjoy!


Whenever I buy a new mascara – no matter if it’s for my eyelashes or eyebrows, I pay attention to the wand. It’s one of the key aspects that determines a good mascara because it can either coat them with color and separate them beautifully or leave clumps and cause product build-up.
I really like the spoolie that comes with Nanobrow Shape Mascara, because it has quite dense and properly shaped bristles that shape the brows perfectly and allow you to apply just the amount of product needed to style the brows without the sticky or stiff finish.
I was also very impressed by the lovely and natural-looking shades. They are intensely pigmented and come in deep colors while delivering a natural-looking effect without the overdrawn look. Well, and they look great even in strong sunlight. They work wonders as they coordinate perfectly with the real brow color.


I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t check the formula of this brow mascara and the ingredients it contains. And what did I find there? Ladies, you won’t believe it! This mascara not only adds color to the brows but also nourishes, strengthens, and protects them from damage! Here are the nourishing ingredients in Nanobrow Shape Mascara:

★ Silica
An important building block of hair structure, it adds vitality and makes the brows smoother.

★ Betaine
A plant-based amino acid that prevents moisture loss and has moisturizing properties.

★ Glycerin
One of the best moisturizing and protective agents.


Ladies, the most important thing about this brow mascara is that it ensures great results and really beautiful and precise makeup. The mascara nicely defines, styles, and adds color to every brow hair. It’s also easy to use, so there is no need to get into the application method in great detail: simply brush it through your brows and you’re good to go you 😉 Instead, I will summarize its benefits:

  • Flawless and beautiful daily makeup.
  • A second coat of mascara provides glamorous evening makeup.
  • Great formula, suitable for all brow types.
  • Beautifully pigmented, natural-looking shades.
  • It can be combined with other brow makeup products.
  • Shapes and tames even very unruly brows.
  • Gives the dream shape to the eyebrows.
  • Ensures perfectly shaped brows for the whole day – without touch-ups.
  • Gives brows a thicker and fuller look.

… and you can buy it in a snap at
I highly recommend it and make sure to test this product on your eyebrows as it’s truly worth it! Hugs!

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