NANOIL hair mask with argan. Review, comments, benefits

Hair repairing mask with “Liquid Gold of Morocco” caught my attention the moment I saw it for the first time. I totally trust Nanoil brand and I love argan oil so when I saw that there is a new product that combines both elements then I just had to get it! As far pure argan oil has served my hair amazingly well so I thought it would be a pretty good idea to give Nanoil Argan Hair Mask a try. Was replacing genuine argan oil with an argan hair mask a good decision? Keep reading to find out.

General information on Nanoil Argan Hair Mask

Nanoil Argan Hair Mask looks smart and neat which made me think that the producer made sure that the outside of the hair care product reflects what is hidden inside the jar. In my opinion, this also means that the producer wants the users to be fully satisfied – to hold a beautifully designed and effective hair care product. When talking about the inside, this hair mask obviously contains the highest quality argan oil. The size of the jar is pretty big but don’t worry – you will manage to use it up before the cosmetic expires.

Another worth-mentioning thing is that this hair mask smells wonderful and is surprisingly lightweight (most hair mask aren’t) despite being enriched with many conditioning substances. Apart form argan, this hair care product also includes precious vitamins that are necessary for hair to grow healthy, and these are vitamins A and E. Additionally, Nanoil Argan Hair Mask contains panthenol which is yet another substance proved to be highly beneficial for hair. Okay, that was the theory so now let’s move on to some practice!

Effects produced by Nanoil Argan Hair Mask on my hair

It’s time to focus on the most important things – we’re going to examine whether Nanoil Argan Hair Mask works as promised by the producer. Does it? I think I shouldn’t keep you guessing – this hair mask is nothing but perfection! Probably now a half of you are clicking the ORDER button on the official Nanoil website (speaking of which, here is the link in case you want to visit the e-store Indeed, Nanoil Argan Hair Mask is worth any penny. Once you enter this website, you’ll see that not only the price is fair but also that there are other amazing Nanoil beauty products that you can add to the cart.

Nanoil Argan Hair Mask is extremely nutrient-rich. While analyzing the composition I learnt that this hair mask features well-selected absorption promoters that are substances responsible for carrying vitamins and other active substances to the inner structures of hair. In other words, hair absorbs Nanoil Argan Hair Mask well and quickly. Actually, you can notice how deep the mask reaches already after the first use – I let this mask sit on my hair for 15 minutes and when I removed it and let my hair air dry, I saw that this at-home hair treatment isn’t a joke. My hair looked like the hairdos of models from the fashion magazines covers – glossy, healthy and smooth. Even my natural hair color seemed to be somehow more intensified. Maximum nourishment!

Obviously, there is more to wise hair care than just improved looks. When it comes to hair masks, we expect them to give us deep hair reinforcement. It was hard for me to verify whether Nanoil Argan Hair Mask moisturized my hair deeply after the first use, but I was positive about this after more or less a month of regular application. Then it was plain to notice that my hair improved for good: the cuticles are closed so the hair is smooth, the strands seem to be healthier and stronger and aren’t brittle any longer. I like that my hair stopped being dull and matte and that now the color is just stunning – I think it would be a silly thing to do if I dyed my hair now.

Actually there is another positive effect that I noticed. Namely, Nanoil Argan Hair Mask made my hair sleek, just as if I got lamination treatment or something similar. It’s hard for me to describe the effect, therefore it’d be better if you just test this argan hair mask yourself. Of course, please don’t forget to leave me a comment describing the effects you achieved with Nanoil Argan Hair Mask. To sum up, after a month-long treatment my hair is now:


Extra info on argan oil

Did you know that argan oil houses around 200 biologically active substances that improve hair and skin? This is the only such oil to offer us so many benefits.

Where can you buy Nanoil Argan Hair Mask?

As I mentioned this earlier, you can get Nanoil Argan Hair Mask from the official e-store (link above). I haven’t seen this hair mask in any local drugstore but if you manage to find it, please leave a comment with the address. To me, the price is really low for the effects that Nanoil Argan Hair Mask creates.

My comment on Nanoil Argan Hair Mask

I can give Nanoil Argan Hair Mask the highest note. To me, it totally deserves all the positive comments and reviews that I’ve come across on the net. To say even more, Nanoil Argan Hair Mask is pretending to become my personal cosmetic of the month 🙂

Do you know Nanoil hair mask series? Have you used some? Let me know! Cheers!

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