What To Wash Your Face With? Pluses & Minuses of Various Skin Cleansers


Let me wholeheartedly welcome you on my blog and since you’re here I’d like to encourage you to read my newest post on the skin cleansers. I’m going to tell you a little bit about the advantages and downsides of these essential skincare products. I hope that this kind of round-up will make it easier for you to pick up the most suitable cleanser for yourself – it’s super important to have one! You absolutely must know that the product you use to wash your face has a massive influence on your skin, both on its condition and appearance.

So, read on! 🙂

Products to wash your face with

The huge abundance of skin cleansers that we have at our disposal nowadays may be pretty overwhelming and bewildering. What to reach for? Should you go for the old-time solutions and wash the face with hard soap, or should you turn to these modern cleansing foams and peels? Or perhaps using some solutions popular in foreign regions like cleaning face with oils would be a better solution? The truth is that every cleansing method is okay if you manage to match it to the needs of your skin. Different treatments suit oily skin, and other work for dry skin. Other substances help acne-prone skin. If you don’t know what is best for you, keep testing various products. Be persistent and you will come across the cosmetic that helps you take better care of your complexion.

Top face cleansers

1. Facial cleansing bars

Let’s begin with the classics, which is washing your face with soap. Unfortunately, this isn’t the best idea out there because soap’s pH is alcanic. Knowing that human skin prefers a slightly acidic pH, soap may leave your face dehydrated and irritated. Obviously, not all soap bars work like that because it’s becoming more and more easier to find cleansing bars formulated with substances well-tolerated by skin, and those products are olive soap bars, for example. It’s worth realizing though that no matter the soap you use, you should always follow it with two products: a face toner that balances skin’s pH and a deeply moisturizing cream.

2. Gel cleanser

One of the very first cleansers that made and still make an alternative to soap bars are gel cleansers. In most cases the formula of these products is well-thought-out and its pH doesn’t contribute to dryness. Still, this doesn’t mean that you can skip a face cream – it’s a really bad idea to do so! Using a gel cleanser is more pleasant because you squeeze out one portion of the product, lather it, spread it over the face and rinse. Some of its biggest advantages are wide availability, possibility to match it with a skin type, and the fact that you can get a boosted gel cleanser with abrasive particles to remove dead skin cells.

3. Face cleansing oils

Cleaning skin with plant oils is a method that comes from Asia, and which I truly love. Oils – because of being greasy by nature – perfectly deals with other greasy impurities such as excess sebum. Obviously, you can get yourself a ready-made oil blend that all drugstores offer. Such products will be made with oils suitable for a particular skin type, and may be enriched with other substances. However, I’d suggest using DIY organic oil blends. How to make it? Combine castor oil (is antibacterial) + a chosen oil that you feel like using, e.g. argan, jojoba, grape seed or sunflower.

4. Foam cleanser

Personally I’m not a big fan of these “cloud” textures, but I need to mention foam cleansers too. So, foam cleansers formulas can be close to gel cleansers’, but the former happens to be also enriched with plant oils. The difference between these two basic face cleansers is that foam cleanser is a runny product and while being pushed through the dispenser, it turns into foam. There are two pluses to list: such product lasts longer and has a lightweight formula that is preferred by sensitive, dehydrated and sensitive skin.

5. Powder cleanser

Quite a novelty in the realm of skin cleansers are powder cleansers. How do they work? I was curious about it myself so I bought a powder cleanser and gave it a go. It turns out that washing your face with this product is easy because all you have to do is take a portion, combine it with water in your hands to create lather, and wash your face with the very lather. It’s something like a powdered version of foam cleanser that you need to make before using. Sadly, I can’t find any justification for this solution. Maybe except for the fact that you won’t spill the product so it seems to be a perfect skin cleanser for those who travel a lot.

What skin cleansers do you use?

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