What harms the hair? What to avoid to have healthy hair

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Hello, lovelies!

Things that are harmful to our hair have already been mentioned in various posts, nevertheless, this question is still most common in the e-mails I receive from you on a daily basis. Therefore, I have decided to devote a separate entry and gather all the things that are dangerous to our hair. Let’s get the list started! 

Hair Bleaching (too often) – products used for such purpose can seriously dry out the strands. A one-time treatment at a professional hair salon should not harm your healthy hair very much. However, if it is repeated regularly, it might make the hair dull, brittle and thinning.

Hair Straightening – is one of the most popular procedures. No matter how good the straightener is, using it repeatedly, contributes to worsening the hair condition. It is best to limit hir straightening, even though many of you cannot imagine your hairdo differently. This is why you will need good heat protecting cosmetics. From my own experience, I can assure you that oils are the best means to shield the hair against high temperature. 

Blow-drying – hot air definitely does not serve the hair. Of course, I realize that sometimes you cannot give up the dryer. Therefore, if you really have to use it, make sure to set it to a cool stream of air. Under no condition give up thermal protective sprays, which I have already mentioned above.

Inappropriate cosmetics – many of them, especially those designed for styling contains harmful ingredients, such as silicones and alcohols that can overdry the strands. Thus, when choosing hair care products make sure to check their composition and quality. The more natural ingredients, the better. This rule applies to shampoos, conditioners, styling products and even hair oils.

Not brushing out the hair before and after washing – hair is most fragile and breakage-prone when wet. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you get rid of any tangles before shampooing. After rinsing out, towel-dry the strands (you can also use a cotton cloth or an old t-shirt) and comb through with a wide-tooth comb. Remember: never go to sleep with wet hair! It makes it break easier!

Smog and toxins – polluted air adversely affects the condition of our hair. Especially if we live in a city and spend a lot of time outside. In the period when the concentration of pollutants in the air is very high, it is best to wash your hair and apply a good conditioner or oil immediately after returning home.

 Conclusion: nourishment is the key step towards beautiful hair:) Healthy and strong hair is more resistant to harmful factors, so do not forget about hair oiling regularly and applying natural oil on a daily basis. 

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