How to make hair dry and curl it with just one tool? Give a go to Brush Activ’ Volume&Shine by Rowenta


Both hair care and hair styling become way more effective when we can make use of devices that fulfil many tasks. One of such devices is a rotating blow dryer and hair curler in one, Brush Activ’ Volume&Shine by Rowenta. How does this tool help me style my hairdos? Find this out!

Why did I take to Brush Activ’ Volume&Shine?

I was looking long for a device which would facilitate and accelerate hair styling procedure and, at the same time, be convenient to use and safe. Quite by accident I happened to come across a rotating blow dryer and hair curler in one launched by Rowenta. Brush Activ’ Volume&Shine lets me largely reduce the hair styling time. Besides, it’s developed in such a way to do three things simultaneously: dry hair out, make curls and take care of strands.

What makes Brush Activ’ Volume&Shine by Rowenta different from the other similar hair styling tools?

I was mostly surprised when I learnt the structure of the plates. They are covered with ceramic layer featuring cashmere, keratin and argan oil. When I use such a device, I’m sure my hair is well-conditioned and the hairdo – flawlessly styled. I was also happy to learn that the tool features ionization function. Thanks to it, my strands aren’t affected by static nor gets frizzy. Instead, they remain smooth, shine beautifully and are easy to style.

Brush Activ’ Volume&Shine by Rowenta in numbers

You might find numbers in hare care useful, indeed. Let’s start from mentioning that Brush Activ’ Volume&Shine has two speed, temperature and airstream settings. Also, the device has in-built cool airstream function and the changing head rotation (you can curl you hair left and right). The bristle of this brush was made of synthetic material and the ceramic layer was coated with nourishing substances. Interchangeable plates (various diameters) enable us to create the curls we want to have on a particular day. It’s also worth pointing out that Brush Activ’ Volume&Shine by Rowenta features a really long wire (1,8 m), which facilitates hair styling considerably.

Do you like multi-purpose hair styling tools, as well?

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