How to Apply a Mascara? Urban Planet Pro Artist Mascara Length & Volume Edition Review


There are mascaras that can give you a real make-over. Obviously, it’s going to be a change for better. Urban Planet Pro Artist Mascara Length & Volume Edition is one of them. How it works for a daily makeup and how to use it the right way?

How to apply a mascara? My short guide

The zigzag motion is the best-known technique. You move the wand from one side to the other, from the roots to the tips of lashes. Make sure the technique goes along with your eye shape. If you have a drooping eyelid, don’t coat lower lashes. Apply two layers to the upper eyelashes and focus on enhancing the outer eye corners e.g. with a black pencil and smokey eye makeup. If you want a lash extension or volume, apply a few coats. Just don’t let one coat dry before applying the next one.

What effect does Urban Planet Mascara give?

I apply the mascara over an eyeshadow and eyeliner. The first layer is usually thin because the wand’s thick bristle delivers length and volume with just one stroke. When I go out with friends I apply a bolder makeup (and sometimes falsies for the better effect). Pro Artist Mascara Length & Volume Edition is clump-free, smudge-proof and stays on all day long. Two coats of Urban Planet Mascara can work wonders.

What should you know about mascaras?

For removing waterproof mascaras, use special removers. That is the only way to take makeup off precisely, prevent eye and skin irritation. Always make sure you twist the tube firmly because the air may dry the product out. Do you wear glasses or contact lenses? Don’t use thickening or lengthening mascaras as they may flake and cause a feeling of discomfort.

How do you apply a mascara, girls? Have you ever tried Urban Planet Pro Artist Mascara Length & Volume Edition? 

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