How to Repair Hair After Summer? My Tried&Tested Products

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The sunlight, salty water and even hairstyling cosmetics can lead to hair destruction – dry, brittle and prone-to-damage strands. Luckily, there are easy ways to repair your hair at home with natural ingredients. Discover simple recipes for hair masks and conditioners.

Anti-Frizz Conditioner

The cosmetic deeply moisturises, smooths frizzy and static strands, shields against external aggressors. You must wash the conditioner off well. To make the product, you need two spoons of flaxseed and a glass of water. How to prepare the conditioner? Nothing easier. Boil the flaxseed in the water, apply to hair and rinse out with tepid water after more or less 15 minutes.

Conditioner for Dull & Dry Hair

Prepare two spoons of yogurt, two spoons of honey and a yolk. Mix the ingredients and apply to hair. After about 20 minutes, wash and rinse hair with tepid water. What benefits does the conditioner bring? The yogurt moisturises and fights bacteria. Honey has antiseptic, smoothing and shine-boosting properties. Yolk is rich in vitamins and micro-nutrients that make hair strong and prevent thinning.

Conditioner for Thinning Hair

You need yeast, two spoons of lemon juice, four spoons of nettle juice (check at healthy food stores), five spoons of warm boiled water. Mix the substances and apply to damp strands. After 30 minutes, wash hair well. How will your hairdo benefit? Yeast boosts hair growth, lemon adds shine, nettle prevents thinning and speeds up growth.

Conditioner for Nourishing Hair Bulbs

How to prepare the cosmetic? Grate black radish and squeeze the juice out. Rub it into scalp and leave in for two hours. Next, wash your hair. Radish controls sebum glands, soothes dandruff, strengthens hair bulbs, delivers gloss and fights hair loss.

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