Waves Are Trendy! Messy Look – Quick & Effortless Hair Styling

Hi, girls!

Aren’t you already bored with silky smooth straight hair? Aren’t you tired of spending every morning with a flat iron? What about a radical change? Check how to quickly and effortlessly get perfect waves at home. Loose, curly hair always looks feminine and adds charm 🙂

1. First & must-follow rule: if you use a curling wand, flat iron or hot rollers, always remember about heat protection! I use a hair oil because it both protects from heat and makes styling easier. You can use a mousse, too. If you’ve already applied a good product, let’s start! 🙂

2. Curling wand. Divide hair into sections that have the same thickness. Wrap each one around the wand (all in the same direction). It’s important that you hold the tool vertically.

3. Styling. After curling all strands, run your fingers through hair or use a wide-tooth comb. Fix the style with a spray or rub in a bit of a hair oil for a curl definition.

4. Flat iron. You get a very nice and natural effect by curling hair with a straightener. Also, divide hair into sections and grab each one at the root with the iron. Slowly move downwards and wrap hair as if you used a curling wand (obviously not too long to avoid burning the hair). Your curls won’t be ideally even so your hairstyle will look truly natural.

5. The easiest way to get natural waves. If your hair is easy to style, going to sleep wearing the right hairdo is enough. Put your clean and dry hair into a loose ban on the top of the head or make braids. Before that, rub a natural hair oil in. In the morning, just let your hair down, fix with a mousse or a curl-defining product.

Fancy trying it out? Why don’t you share your wavy-hair ideas? 😉 

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