Visiting a Trichologist… Is There Anything to be Afraid of?

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More and more women are getting interested in the appearance and condition of their hair. They use professional cosmetics and special hair salon treatments, following the latest hair trends. What about the scalp treatment? A trichologist is coming to rescue. What does the doctor do and what does the visit look like?

Trichology – what is it?

It is an area of science that deals with hair and scalp conditions. In some regions of the world, it isn’t fully developed but it’s getting more and more fans every day. Before the era of professional trichologist treatments, dermatologists dealt with hair and scalp diseases.

What does the trichologist visit look like?

The trichologist appointment starts with an interview, followed by the hair and scalp test. Next, the doctor chooses the appropriate treatment and recommends products. The examination aims at checking the current growth phase of your hair and the degree of hair loss. A trichologist also checks if there is inflammation, psoriasis, dandruff or other diseases on your scalp.

During the trichologist test, a special 200-x magnification microscope is used. Hair follicles and blood vessels are examined, too. Some trichologists take up to 100 hairs from a patient’s head for tests. The fun fact is that during one test, as many as 200 scalp and hair conditions can be diagnosed.

Healthy hair & trichologist treatment

If a trichologist says that 85% of your hair is in the growth phase, 1% – in the resting phase, 14% – in the shedding phase, you are lucky. Your hair is healthy. If these proportions are disturbed, the trichologist starts the proper treatment. It may involve taking or applying some medication – herbal extracts, proteins, oils. This kind of treatment is often enhanced by dermatologist procedures and cosmetics.

Girls, have you ever been to a trichologist? 

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