How to oil hair? My tried and tested method in 13 easy steps!

Hello, girls!

I’ve come to a conclusion that I’ve written lots of articles about hair oil treatment benefits but I haven’t shared with you the way I oil my hair. After all, the method is crucial and I should have written about it a long time ago.

Today, I’m making up for the mistake.

You can do hair oiling using many different techniques. But I think the best and most effective hair oil treatment should involve nourishing and repairing the hair stem as well as reinforcing the scalp and hair bulbs.

That’s why I apply a hair oil to hair and scalp, massaging and rubbing it in thoroughly. In this way, I increase blood flow to the scalp and let the oil penetrate more quickly.

Long months of hair oiling let me choose the best method, the best time the oil should ‘lie’ in my hair. I also could decide which oil works best for my hair. Your hair can get a bit unruly after using certain oils. You can test oils one by one or go for ready-made oil blends – like I did. Nanoil for medium porosity hair is the one I use.

I devote two evening a week to hair oiling combined with facial scrub and mask, and other beautifying, cleansing, revitalising treatments.

My Hair Oil Treatment Step By Step:

  1. I put on clothes that I’m not afraid to smudge with an oil (an old tracksuit and t-shirt).
  2. I take a small dish e.g. a bowl and go to the bathroom.
  3. I thoroughly comb out my hair with a wooden wide-tooth comb.
  4. I pour a bit of the oil to the bowl (4-5 pumps are enough).
  5. I take a hair coloring brush.
  6. I use the brush to apply the oil. Divide the hair into sections, dip the brush in the oil, spread the oil along each section on the scalp. I make sure the whole scalp is well-covered.
    Remember to use reasonable quantities! The oil mustn’t drip off your hair.
  7. Once I cover the whole scalp, I gently massage it for a while. Next, I comb out the hair and apply the oil that is left in the bowl to the strands.
  8. I put my hair in a bun and put on a shower cap; such gadgets make every woman’s hair routine easier 😉
  9. I wrap my head in a towel. If it’s winter time, I put a towel on a heater. The hot turban intensifies the action of oils.
  10. ‘Wrapped’ in a turban, I take care of my face (scrub, mask), feet and hands, manicure, pedicure… you know 🙂
  11. After 2-3 hours, I wash the oil off with a delicate SLS-free shampoo.
  12. I apply my favorite hair balm.
  13. I blow-dry my hair and enjoy a beautiful, strong and healthy hairdo, boosted growth and volume (owing it to Nanoil).

That’s it! I hope I’ve made your hair oil treatment a whole lot easier.

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