Check If You Wash Your Hair Correctly

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Hello Ladies,

I know that discussing the topic of hair washing may be ridiculous for some of you but I think that it’s really important to talk about the proper way of washing your hair. Why would I do that? Because I know that there are some people who don’t do this correctly, meaning that instead of bringing relief to their hair, they harm it.

Shampooing is something that is done almost automatically, without giving much thought to it. Even though you have already done this activity countless times, are you really 100% sure whether you wash your hair properly? Indeed, washing hair isn’t complicated, but there are some things connected with it that aren’t that obvious to everybody. Therefore, thanks to this post you will find out and learn the best way to wash your hair.

How To Wash Hair Right: Step-by-Step Manual

  1. Comb your hair to detangle it. Why is it important to do this before shampooing? Because when hair isn’t tangled, it’s easier for you to spread the hair products evenly. This in turn means that the nutrients included in hair products will be absorbed by the entire hair length. Additionally, your hair will be less knotty after shampooing.
  2. Thin down the shampoo with water. It’s super important not to put the shampoo straight to the scalp before thinning it down with water first. Why? Because this reduces irritations and prevents the hair from tangling. Next time you wash your hair, pour a shampoo onto your palm, add a dash of water and combine.
  3. Then apply the lather to the scalp. Note: put it on the scalp, and only on the scalp. Don’t distribute the lather along the hair length. Additionally, the technique you adopt to wash your head with is also important. To clarify, instead of scratching or scouring the scalp, better just give it a gentle massage.
  4. Rinse the shampoo with lukewarm water. Be sure that you remove the lather completely and that the water temperature isn’t too high. If you rinse the hair with hot water, you will encourage the cuticles to raise, which is something you don’t want to do. Why? Because this opens the way for moisture to escape from your hair shafts and in general leaves you with coarse hair. Additionally, hair is prone to damage if its cuticles don’t overlap one another.
  5. Remove the excess water by squeezing it out with a cotton t-shirt and follow either with a conditioner or a mask. Rinse after a few (dozen) minutes. Again, use lukewarm water.
  6. Again, remove the excess water by squeezing it out with a cotton t-shirt, or very soft towel. What you shouldn’t do is wrap your head with a towel because in this way you create very unfavorable conditions for your hair. I would compare it to a hair sauna that makes the cuticle open. Additionally, if you let the towel sit for too long, you will end up with a greasy scalp.

And that is all. Nothing complicated, I know, but not that obvious either. Once you follow these six steps, your hair will say “thank you” by looking amazing.

Is there something that surprised you in my short hair washing manual? Would you add/skip anything?

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