Better skin and hair care. My autumn beauty resolutions!


Autumn is a perfect season to enhance your looks after summer or simply reboot the beauty routine, with new products and treatments. In the article you’re about to see a list of my beauty plans for the incoming autumn and winter time. Check them all as they might make you think of some beauty steps to take.

I will check my skin marks

After summer and sunbathing season, examining new and old moles and spots is a must. This way we can avoid a serious illness, that is melanoma. What’s important, the number of skin cancers diagnosed is increasing.

I will make facial appointments

I did acids last year so now I’m planning on dermapen and mesotherapy. The former works well for reducing post-acne scars, brightening discolored skin and firming up whereas the latter delivers moisture and nourishes. Dermapen involves minor injections which speed up skin repair whereas mesotherapy involves introducing hyaluronic acid or Platelet-rich plasma under skin.

I will start using scalp treatments

Autumn is the time when my hair falls out in handfuls. To cut it down a bit, I will use scalp conditioners to strengthen hair and prevent hair loss. Products increasing blood flow work most intensively e.g. stomach drops, cinnamon, mint.

I will start dry body brushing

It’s an ideal post-summer body treatment which removes dead skin cells, evens out suntan and improves blood circulation. Consequently, it helps fight cellulite and stretch marks, firms up skin and gives an energy boost.

I will make myself a cup of herbal tea

Herbal teas and supplements make a good choice for autumn and winter season. They make skin, hair and nails healthier and prettier. That’s not all, though. The entire body benefits because herbs protect against autumn infections and autumn blues.

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