How to Use an Epilator? Game-Changing Tips!

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I agree that removing hair with an epilator is quick but you must remember that it’s not suitable for everyone. That’s the topic of today’s post – how to use an epilator and who it’s best for. 🙂

We, women, don’t have an easy life! Non-stop beautifying. Tons of nourishing, moisturising and protecting creams. Regular skin exfoliation. Removing leg, armpit, bikini and often face hair – the most time-consuming task. Hairs grow back at an alarming rate. If we want to get rid of them and make an everyday fight for beauty easier, we must find the right way.

A good hair-removal method can’t be complicated. It must be the least painful possible and give the longest-lasting effects. You can’t have it all (hair removal is rarely painless) but an epilator seems a good choice. It’s my opinion and you can think differently. The choice is an individual case. Still, let me tell you about the epilator’s benefits and downsides.

Epilator – Benefits

  1. The right use is a way to get a smooth and soft skin.
  2. The effect is long-lasting – 2-5 weeks.
  3. It saves time because you remove hair less often.
  4. It saves money you would spend on razors, shave creams or salon treatments.
  5. Using an epilator is a child’s play.
  6. You buy an epilator once and you always have it on hand and it’s always ready to work.
  7. An epilator is suitable for allergy sufferers (no allergic reactions).

Epilator – Downsides

  1. It’s one of the most painful hair-removal methods.
  2. An epilator must be adapted to your hand shape.
  3. Hairs must be visible on the skin surface so you need to ‘grow’ them first.
  4. Ingrowns are the biggest problem.
  5. Even though you pay once, the price is high.
  6. There are contraindications e.g. irritation-prone skin, varices.

Hair removal with an epilator

It’s one of the most effective hair-removing methods (skipping the laser removal which gives permanent effects). An epilator is equipped with tiny plates which pull hairs out together with the bulbs. The effect lasts for a few weeks until the bulbs are repaired.

At the same time, I want to dispel a few popular myths connected with epilators. Is using an epilator painless? Sorry… it’s not. Even the most advanced devices with the cooling function, massaging attachments and other options won’t free you from pain. Brands come up with various ideas but none of them is going to make epilators painless tools. You pull hairs and bulbs out. How on earth can it be painless? Time to come to terms with the sad truth.

Which epilator is the best?

You can get used to the pain. Choose a high-quality epilator that quickly and permanently removes hair and involves the least discomfort possible. After all, these cooling and massaging attachments may reduce the pain (at least a bit).

On the other hand, the effectiveness matters a lot. If an epilator fails to pull the hair bulbs out, you’ll have to go through the painful routine more often, which means being exposed to pain and post hair removal discomfort. Let’s look for epilators which deal with the tiniest and thinnest hairs.

How to reduce pain while removing hair?

The choice of a good epilator is one thing. There’s something more to consider. I used to have a problem with ingrowns and red bumps after hair removal. Now, I know how to avoid it.

Here are some useful tips for using epilators:

  • Take a relaxing warm bath or shower to relax muscles, open pores and make hairs less rooted in follicles.
  • Give up on hair removal if you have some wounds, scratches, irritations and other blemishes on the skin (especially painful ones).
  • Don’t use an epilator during your period because that’s the time when the body is extremely sensitive to pain.
  • A few days before using an epilator, shave your hair with a razor. It’s best to remove hair which is +/- 5 mm long.
  • Use ice cubes for rubbing the skin to reduce the pain and irritation.
  • If possible, remove hair in a warm room. Higher temps reduce the unpleasant feeling of removing hair.
  • If you remove hair from one body area e.g. a calf, stretch the skin with one hand so an epilator catches hairs better and causes less pain.

Step-by-step hair removal. How to use an epilator?

Sometimes, looking into a manual will do. It includes must-know info on the use of a given brand’s epilator. I’ve already tested a few epilators and the procedure is the same in most cases. Let me share a short guide to the use of epilators.

Removing hair with an epilator in a few steps:

  1. Before the removal (several days), let the hair grow.
  2. Exfoliate the skin a few hours before removing the hair.
  3. Take a warm bath right before you start removing hair to soften the skin.
  4. Remove the hairs, moving an epilator slowly.
  5. Check if there are any individual hairs left.
  6. At last, use a hair growth inhibitor cream.

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