Gelatin Hair Treatment. Does It Actually Work?

In today’s post, I’d like to tell you about the gelatin hair treatment. Recently, I’ve been positively surprised by the effect. My hair’s beautiful, shiny and silky smooth – as if I just left a hair salon!

What is hair lamination?

I first came across this term on blogs some time ago. I was beginning as a blogger and focused on testing and reviewing lots of products at a time. My hair didn’t like it. Brittle, fragile strands. I had an impression my hair was thinning day by day. As if it tried to tell me the haircare routine was ineffective – ‘hey, girl, do sth about it’. So I did… I decided to give the gelatin treatment a try.

Hair lamination involves covering the hair with a special mix of substances that leave a smooth protective barrier on the hair surface.

Tbh, the hair lamination sounded odd at first. There is laminate flooring, paper lamination… but hair? In spite of not being a highly-popular treatment yet, it’s already offered in hair salons. So it isn’t just a DIY hair-beautifying remedy but also a pro hair treatment. A cheap, effective and worth-your-effort method if you have dry, damaged and splitting hair.

There are two hair lamination methods:

– a hair salon treatment

– DIY hair lamination with gelatin

Hands down I prefer the other option. As you know – I love at-home hair-conditioning treatments. I’m really big on things I can do myself, spending little money. That’s why I chose DIY gelatin hair treatment.

How does the hair lamination treatment work?

Before giving you the nitty-gritty, one thing must be brought up. Hair lamination doesn’t deliver long-lasting effects because it works on the hair surface. Some proteins and other ingredients may penetrate the hair, though. The salon treatment will give you more effective and durable results. Still, such a treatment will never repair your hair for good – it’s impossible.

Gelatin hair treatment in a salon

usually aims at hair smoothing and straightening. The so-called Keratin Shot is used for fixing the damaged hair structure. The effects are immediate and last for around two or three months. Sadly, the cost of lamination treatment in a salon is very high.

I definitely prefer a DIY version.

At-home gelatin hair treatment

focuses on improving the hair appearance, smoothing, defrizzing, too. A widely-available gelatin is used, being the source of proteins of the animal collagen. After all, hair is mainly made up of proteins so delivering them positively affects your hairdo. Additionally, gelatin locks moisture in hair and leaves a protective shield on its surface.

How to do a home gelatin hair treatment?

Contrary to what it seems, the treatment isn’t difficult. If you have some gelatin on you, go for it. I guess every woman who uses hair masks is going to handle the treatment, too.

For hair lamination, you need:

– a spoon of gelatin,

– three spoons of hot water,

– a standard portion of a hair conditioner,

– accessories: a bowl, a shower cap, a towel.

Step 1. Precisely dissolve gelatin in hot water. It should be a smooth mixture. Next, let it cool down. It should be cool and have a gel consistency.

Step 2. Before hair lamination treatment, you must thoroughly wash, dry and comb your hair as you do every day. No extra actions are necessary.

Step 3. Next, add a regular portion of your fave conditioner or hair oil to the cooled and thick gelatin. The type of the product isn’t important. It should be a cosmetic that’s easy to apply.

Step 4. You apply the mixture to the hair, section by section. Put your mind to it, making sure every single hair is covered. Secure the hair with a shower cap and warm towel, leave in for 45 minutes.

Step 5. Then, you wash your hair again, which is the last but one stage of the treatment. You rinse the mixture out with cool water and – if necessary (if hair’s weighed-down) – wash it with a mild shampoo.

Step 6. Finally, blow-dry the hair with a hot airflow (obviously, hold the tool at a safe distance to avoid burning the hair). A warm airflow matters because the hair lamination treatment requires the use of high temperature to deliver effects.

What are the effects of the gelatin hair treatment?

It is a beautifying treatment, not a conditioning or repairing one. Remember that hair lamination won’t bind split ends together or rebuild damaged hair structure. It may bring back hair shine, smoothness, etc. for some time. Gelatin delivers some nutrients and restores vitality for a while.

Gelatin hair treatment benefits:

– silky-smooth hair

– a youthful shine

– a velvety softness

– no more hair frizz or static

– thicker-looking hair

– less tangling

Obviously, you can’t expect long-lasting effects of hair lamination. They wear off after some time and you’ll need to do it again. A gelatin hair treatment is a good choice for a temporary hair improvement. 

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