Did My Hair Click With Nanoil Keratin Hair Conditioner?

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A special treat today! I’m reviewing a keratin-based hair conditioner by Nanoil. If you’re curious about the effect on my hair, please read on!

My hair is…

… really fussy and needs tender care.

I’m sure many of you would say the same about your hair. A conditioner is a must-have in my beauty kit and without it my hair is nearly “un-detangable”. I’d been searching for a suitable product for a long time so it could both give me smoother, easier-to-comb hair, and slightly strengthen and repair at the same time.

I finally came across a Nanoil Keratin Hair Conditioner, a hair-repair bi-phase formula. My friend talked me into trying it, actually.

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Nanoil Hair Conditioners

I already had some Nanoil products before so I couldn’t help testing the new arrival. Keratin conditioner was my choice but everyone can find a suitable one, including silk, argan oil or algae extract conditioner. Each one produces a brilliant effect so I’m sure you won’t be disappointed after choosing one of the Nanoil hair conditioners.

  • Lightweight, bi-phase conditioners don’t require rinsing.
  • The best formula based on natural substances.
  • The conditioners and other Nanoil hair products complement each other perfectly.

All Nanoil Bi-Phase Hair Conditioners are available online.

Nanoil Keratin Hair Conditioner

The keratin version for damaged, brittle, fine hair was my pick. I damaged my hair because of years of straightening without any heat protection so I need to put some effort into reviving it. A conditioner rich in keratin seemed to be a perfect solution.

Why did I choose the keratin conditioner?

Because it is rich in proteins (not only keratin, but also plant proteins) which have an ability to repair damaged hair. The tiny molecules are very powerful, which was clear after the very first use of the conditioner (yes, it does work that fast). It has a strengthening effect but also leaves hair nice and soft because it contains panthenol and castor oil. To me this is a perfect combination.

What is essential is that the conditioner is really light, not weighing hair down. It has a high concentration of wonderful nutrients but it doesn’t leave a sticky coating on hair because it’s bi-phase, plus you don’t even need to rinse it!

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Nanoil Conditioner: Effects

Nanoil Keratin Hair Conditioner has been present in my hair-care routine for 3 weeks now. I always spray it on my hair after washing, every 3 days or so. This was enough to see the effect of keratin-based conditioner from Nanoil. My hair has fallen in love with it because:

  1. it makes combing easier after a wash.
  2. it strengthens hair with every next application.
  3. it makes hair more resilient and less prone to breakage.
  4. it keeps hair ends from splitting.
  5. it prevents frizzy, static flyaways.

This is the first step towards deep hair repair: a big step because secured hair – right after shampooing  – is less prone to damage and it’s easier to repair it by using a stronger hair mask, for example.


My hair has bounced back, it is stronger, more resilient and… looks a lot better! Nanoil Keratin Conditioner takes credit for my glossy, silky hair.

Try it on your hair because it’s worth it!

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