How to take care of the facial skin at different ages? Proper care at the age of 20, 30, 40 and 50 years – my tips

Everything we do should be adequate for our age: physical activity, diet, outfits and especially skin care. 20-year-olds are struggling with different skin problems and a 50-year-old woman with other problems. How to take care of the skin of the face at different ages? How does proper skin care look like at the age of 20, 30, 40 and 50 years? Here are my tips

Skincare at the age of 20

One of the main problems faced by young skin on a daily basis is acne. To deal with it, you should, dear Twenty-year-olds, cleanse and exfoliate your skin every day. Once a month, you can undergo a pyruvic peel, which is recommended for people with acne in the active phase, rosacea, acne scars or with pigmentation disorders.

In order not to dry out the skin in the winter, and thus do not lead to increased work of the sebaceous glands, use a thick or a semi-rich cream instead of a moisturizer that can simply freeze on the skin. Never forget about every day, face and eye makeup removal!

Skincare at the age of 30

Most often, at the age of 30, the first mimic wrinkles are likely to appear, especially around the eyes, lips and on the forehead. In addition, stress tolerance decreases, which in combination with the loss of collagen in the skin causes it to dry out.

In everyday, at-home care after the age of 30, the most important becomes:

  • protection that will be provided by day creams with a UV filter and ingredients with antioxidant properties,

as well as

  • prevention which will be provided by anti-wrinkle creams used for the night.

The latter should contain stimulating compounds for the collagen reconstruction, i.e. derivatives of vitamins A, C, and E, and alpha-hydroxy acids.

Another problem your skin must cope with, my lovely Thirty-year-olds, are acne scars. This problem will be best solved by laser treatments or deep exfoliation. Both ways are effective if we treat them as a support. The best effects in the treatment of acne scars are obtained after the use of combination therapy, taking into account different methods and measures that are matched to your individual needs.

Skincare at the age of 40

Dear Forties! The skin after the age of 40 is affected by many problems at once: mimic wrinkles, nasolabial furrows, loss of skin firmness and changing of the face oval. For the preventive measures to be effective, they must be comprehensive. This condition is met by autologous preparations that use our own cells and tissues. One of them is mesotherapy with platelet-rich plasma, which starts with local facial anesthesia with a cream and vacuous removal of a small amount of blood into the test tube. Then, to obtain platelet-rich plasma, the blood should be subjected to centrifugation. The obtained concentrate has a strong regenerative and nutritional effect, which is why it can be called the “elixir of youth” or “nutritional bomb”. A syringe is filled with it and the product is injected into the skin of the face, neck and cleavage. In 80% of cases, a clear reduction of wrinkles can be observed after the first treatment. Plasma has anti-inflammatory qualities and gives the effect of rejuvenation by 5-10 years. So with a bit of luck at the age of 40, you will look like thirty-year-olds.

Skincare at the age of 50

After the age of 50, the problems of 40-year-old women deepen, such as furrows, loss of skin density, drooping of the face oval and a transparent complexion covered with more and more wrinkles. If you have not used aesthetic medicine treatments yet, my beloved fifty-year-olds, for the beginning I would suggest you laser treatments, a treatment with platelet-rich plasma or stem cells.

The skin of 50-year-old women becomes thinner and loses elasticity, and their hair may be thinner, finer and gray. You can take diet supplements available in pharmacies, which unfortunately are not always effective and safe for the body. I know myself a few cases that the use of unproven preparations gave a completely opposite effect than expected.

The average person loses about 100 hairs every day. It is a natural occurrence that should not arouse your suspicions. If the problem gets worse, and hair loss becomes visible, you can undergo scalp mesotherapy. The treatment consists of injecting the scalp with plasma in the areas where the loss of hair is most visible. The concentrate will stimulate the bulbs to grow new hair, but you will have to wait up to three months for the effect.

Have you tried any of the treatments recommended by me? If so, how did they work for you? What are your ways to take care of the facial skin? Let me know which age category you are at! (No worries, I won’t tell anyone!;))

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