Achoo! What are allergy triggers? My remedy for allergy!

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Hello, girls! 

Summer makes some of us think of the sun, sea and holidays. For others, it equals allergens, pollen, runny nose and watery eyes. If you’re – like me – allergy sufferers, you know what I mean. Today’s post will tell you how to deal with such summer ailments.

What (and why) triggers allergies?

Believe it or not, the number of allergic patients doubles every few decades. Environmental pollution (heavy metals, smog, fumes) irritate the respiratory mucosa. When you breathe the air in, allergens get into the body and easily penetrate the weakened immunological barrier. When they reach the nasal mucosa, they cause bothersome symptoms you know very well: a runny nose, watery eyes, cough, skin rash.

The most common allergens: house dust mites, plant pollen, animal fur and food. Mites are tiny and quite mean animalcules. They live in bed sheets, carpets, curtains, literally everywhere. Allergy sufferers must patiently wait until the period of plant pollination is over, using lots of tissues and taking tablets. Sadly, it’s most difficult to eliminate animal fur. Many people live with their pets; a dog’s or cat’s hairs are everywhere. However, people allergic to food are in the worst situation. Just think, how would you feel if you couldn’t eat your favorite dish?

How to deal with allergens?

If you’re allergic to house dust mites, you must:

  • get rid of objects that gather dust (carpets, curtains, teddy bears);
  • regularly clean the house and use tools removing dust;
  • decrease the humidity and temperature in rooms;
  • wash your bed sheets in high temperature;
  • use bed sheets designed for allergy sufferers.

If you’ve been struggling with the allergy to plant pollen, it’s very important that you:

  • follow weather forecasts;
  • avoid strolling on meadows on warm days;
  • wear a mask that protects from breathing allergens in;
  • stay in closed rooms during the day;
  • avoid cigarette smoke, fumes and intense perfume that intensify the symptoms of allergy.

If you’re allergic to animal fur:

  • clean the house and wash your pet as often as possible;
  • give away your pet to your friend or family (obviously, it’s impossible when you’re strongly attached to your pet).

If you’re allergic to food,

  • give up on products that you’re allergic to;
  • introduce the substitutes of these products into your diet;
  • be aware of cross reactions (those allergic to birch, grass and sagebrush cannot eat certain fruit and vegetables).

How do you deal with allergies? 

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