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How to cleanse the face thoroughly? Face cleansing & face and eye makeup removal – my methods

Do you know the dirty cotton pad syndrome? I have been experiencing it since I began to apply makeup, and hence - purify my face. Regardless of how much time, work and cotton balls and pads I use for my evening makeup removal, it is still dirty. The natural consequence of a dirty cotton pad in the evening is a dirty cotton pad in the morning. My bright p[...]

My ways for relaxing and healthful baths

Do you also just love bubble baths? Only recently, I have discovered the amazing properties of baths with the addition of aromatic herbs, oils, and other natural ingredients. Earlier ... I did not even own a bathtub! In hindsight, I think that buying and fitting it into my tiny bathroom was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I cannot imagine a we[...]

Face masks recipes for various skin types

A face mask is one of the oldest methods of skin care that's been used already by women in ancient Egypt. The mask works much more intensively than the cream, so it should be used less frequently. Its application results in increased skin temperature and improved microcirculation, and as a result - faster penetration of nutrients through the epidermis. In a[...]

Night time skin care routine – my evening at-home SPA

Hello. You probably spend a lot of time in the bathroom in the evening preparing for bedtime. There are so many things to do - makeup removal, bath, care, hair oiling, etc. In this post I want to talk about what to do in the evening, to wake up even more beautiful in the morning! Think about why we apply most of the cosmetics to the skin in the evening[...]

Black face mask for blackheads – my recipe

Do you know an adult who has never had a single black spot on their face? (Please, answer in the comments!) Of course, I do not ask this question every person I encounter, but I do not think it is possible to survive 18 years without any blackheads. Even if such people exist, they are certainly a minority, and every problem that concerns the majority should[...]

TOP 5. My Favourite Asian Products for Make-Up & Skin Care

Hey, do you use Asian beauty products? I’m really big on them. It began when I got more interested in products I’d been using for my skin care. I came across a few blogs devoted exclusively to Asian cosmetics and totally fell for them. Next, I bought the famous Korean beauty secrets book and knew I wanted to introduce Korean beauty products to my dail[...]

Do you have acne-prone skin that needs to be thoroughly cleansed? Active charcoal mask is just for you! [Recipe]

You have probably already seen active charcoal more than once. We are talking about the same black pills that you buy for stomach problems. Admit that when activated carbon helps you cure the symptoms of food poisoning, your rescuer lands at the bottom of the first aid kit, where it's running out of its shelf life. It does not have to be this way. Hardly any[...]