Liquid highlighter and blusher from Too Cool For School – review

The cosmetic that is too cool for school? To me it sounds like the best review. I don’t need any more encouragement to buy it. This is the reason for Too Cool For School being my favourite brand. You will fall in love with their highlighter and blusher just like I did!

Too Cool For School is a Korean brand that releases cosmetics, which happen to be the best-sellers for few reasons. The brand has a goal to prove that the quality and creativity can go hand in hand. Among product from this manufacturer is an immense potential and innovation in skin care and make-up, enriched with a pinch of fun.

I, myself, was tempted to buy Too Cool For School, just like many other women all over the world, so I know what I am talking about. My personal favourite is Dinoplatz line. I have given it my little heart 🙂

The products in Too Cool For School Dinoplatz line:

  • are beautiful and have creative packagings, which I love;
  • are feather-light, perfect for my sensitive skin;
  • are perfect and provide immediate effects.

Currently, in Sephora you can easily get Too Cool For School cosmetics, so everyone who is interested I encourage to go just there. In an original Too Cool For School Dinoplatz line the most popular for the moment are: Dinoplatz Pearl Bay Invasion and Dinoplatz Cushy Blusher, which are available in two shades.

I’d like to briefly tell you about both of them. I will try to tell you all that is important when you make a decision to buy them. I would also want to talk you into at least getting the samples of these cosmetics. It’s worth it!

Too Cool For School Dinoplatz Pearl Bay Invasion

First, the skin gains three-dimensional highlight effect. Glowing base reflects natural light, so your make-up can gain radiant appearance. Second, liquid highlighter hydrates and nourishes skin right after application. Content of vitamins A+C, omega-3 and omega-6, and oils (olive oil, wild rose oil, peppermint oil, avocado oil, argan oil) and natural extracts (bamboo and cactus).

Too Cool For School Dinoplatz Cushy Blusher

Refreshing and ensuring gentle shade of pink blusher that I love for its sponge that allows easier application on the cheeks. Thanks to soft applicator, this product is easy in use. Available in two shades: Surf’s Up and Lava Martini. The most intriguing thing is that the set is complemented by a spare applicator.

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