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Brow Pen – How To Use It And What Makes It Worth The Hype? [Nanobrow Microblading Pen Review]

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Sparse eyebrows have always been my bane. Makeup helped me to improve their look and shape. A brow pencil, powder, and pomade have been my lifesavers so far, but more recently, a brow pen has become my essential. It delivers an extremely subtle effect. It allows me to precisely fill in the empty spaces between the eyebrows. When you deal with sparse eyebrows, you can fill them in with hair-like strokes for a subtle effect of fuller brows. The most important thing is to choose the right shade and apply it in a special way – mimicking real brow hairs. Today I’ll show you how easy it is to use a brow pen in your makeup 🙂

The Nanobrow brow pen – my hack for full eyebrows

Nanobrow is a makeup and brow care brand that is extremely popular among beauty enthusiasts worldwide. The brand offers a lot of great brow makeup and care products, including my beloved brow pen – Nanobrow Microblading Pen.

This product allows you to precisely fill in and define your eyebrows while keeping them looking natural. It camouflages gaps and sparse areas and brings out what is most beautiful about them. With several shades to choose from to ensure it’s easy to match one to your brow and hair color to get an extremely subtle effect. I can easily give my brows a thicker look by filling them in with hair-like strokes. They perfectly mimic real brow hairs down to the smallest details.

This brow pen is super easy to use, and the results are spectacular 🙂 It allows you to quickly fill in the empty areas and improve the shape of your eyebrows. The product works well for both thick and sparse eyebrows. The specially designed applicator with a feather-thin tip is inspired by the microblading procedure – one of the semi-permanent makeup methods that is incredibly popular nowadays. Thanks to the precision of this eyebrow pen, you can create natural-looking, yet very precise makeup. The waterproof formula ensures your makeup lasts for hours and is smudge-proof.

What do I love the Nanobrow eyebrow pen for?

➤ Exceptional effects similar to the ones you get from the microblading procedure
➤ Precisely filled-in gaps
➤ Specially designed applicator with a thin tip
➤ Ultra long-wear and waterproof formula is suitable for sensitive skin
➤ Beautiful-looking eyebrows for 24 hours

My TIPS for brow makeup with the pen – quick and easy tutorial

Brow makeup with the pen is a great way to fill in the brows thoroughly and give them a thicker look. Contrary to the popular belief, it is not complicated at all 🙂

Here is my mini step-by-step brow makeup tutorial

  1. Prep your eyebrows: Before applying the brow pen, you need to prepare your eyebrows. You can brush them through with a spoolie or apply some brow gel. Personally, I like to apply an oil-free brow serum as a base for my makeup 🙂
  2. Choose a matching shade: Choose a shade that is closest to your hair color (or a tone darker at most). This will help you achieve a more natural-looking brow look.
  3. Apply the brow pen: For a subtle effect, fill in the brows with hair-like strokes following the direction of natural eyebrow hair growth. Starting from the inner brow edge, start drawing fine lines that mimic real brow hairs. Then, move along towards the tail, filling in any gaps. Avoid drawing lines that are too thick lines to prevent a fake-looking overdrawn effect.
  4. Finally: After using a brow pen, you can use a transparent or tinted brow gel to keep brows in place and give them a nice shape.
best brow pen for sparse eyebrows

Important: If your eyebrows are very fair and sparse, start by filling them in lightly, then add more color if you need a bolder brow definition.

The Nanobrow brow pen is my hack to fill in any gaps and define the right shape for my brows. Perfect makeup? You can’t forget to define your eyebrows properly. You can all the necessary brow styling and care products (including the brow pen) here →

I’m really curious how the Nanobrow pen works out for you.
Let me know in the comments section, kisses! 🙂

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