Crow’s Feet & Dark Circles? How Around-Eye Skin Grows Old…

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These are the first signs to appear – charming for some, giving others a headache. Expression lines, crow’s feet and dark under-eye circles. That’s what our eye skin is going to (or already does) look like. Check how it ages and how to delay the unwanted process!

Dark under-eye circles

The skin under your eyes is very sensitive, fragile and thin (0.5 mm). It is exposed to damage, the action of external factors and passing time. The signs of tiredness and not getting enough sleep are mostly visible on this part of the face. Visible veins, puffiness and dark circles are most common. Such imperfections make us look older than we actually are.

Is there any way to handle the under-eye dark circles and puffy eyes? Of course, there is! You can do some treatments at home. For others – visit a beauty salon. Choose products which reinforce the walls of blood vessels, illuminate, moisturise and soothe the skin. Massages, exfoliators and masks should do away with the puffy eyes and dark circles.

Crow’s feet

In other words – expression lines which deepen because of facial expressions, wrong diet, alcohol, cigarettes, not enough sleep, sunrays or other factors. You can smooth fine lines by yourself. Use tightening products, exfoliate and massage the skin, remember about moisturising masks. In a beauty salon, ask for botox or hyaluronic acid injections.

Drooping eyelids

The result of losing collagen and hyaluronic acid. Droopy eyes make us look sleepy, older and… sad. They often come along with too much skin on the upper eyelid. How to fix it? Go for skin tightening and enhancing treatments e.g. professional peels, thread lift, mesotherapy or massage. To make eyes look bigger, apply the right… makeup. Apply different shades (delivering a different finish effect) in the proper parts of the eyelids and that’s it!

Girls, what about your ways to tackle first signs of the eye skin ageing? 

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