Is It a Perfect Mascara? I’m Testing Urban Planet Pro Artist Mascara Volume Edition

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Have you ever bought a mascara only because it was on special offer or you simply felt like buying it? I have… A few days ago, I left a store with a bargain mascara and a big smile on my face. Sadly, my enthusiasm was quickly gone. What happened?

Appearances can be deceptive

Urban Planet Pro Artist Mascara Volume Edition looked like a regular mascara. It has a pretty good wand which has thick bristles – the one I like. It comes in a handy tube of a good capacity. The color was the biggest surprise – the most intense black I’ve ever seen in a mascara. Urban Planet turned out to be waterproof, too. Too bad the manufacturer forgot to place this info on the bottle. It stayed on all day (literally!), without flaking or smudging. It even survived my workout at the gym. One might think it’s the world’s best mascara, right?

When pluses change into minuses

Intense shade, being waterproof and long-wear may be the good thing. Maybe… In case of Pro Artist Mascara Volume Edition, it’s the other way round. Firstly, the mascara doesn’t make lashes thicker. It leaves clumps instead. Secondly, it has an unpleasant scent. Thirdly, it smudges eyelids. Fourthly, it makes lashes stiff and dries fast so applying another coat is hard. Fifthly, it’s extremely difficult to wash the mascara off. Makeup-removing oils, bi-phase removers and other inventions fail. I use up tons of cotton pads and products; my eyelid skin is irritated and hurts.

Urban Planet Pro Artist Mascara Volume Edition – summing-up

I really wish Urban Planet made a mascara which isn’t as waterproof and doesn’t dry so quickly. If these were the properties of Pro Artist Mascara Volume Edition, I would buy it again. For some of you, it may be a good mascara for a wedding (you can cry your eyes out!). Sadly, there are no perfect makeup products. Every cosmetic has both benefits and downsides.

Have you experienced a similar situation? Waiting for your stories in comments! 

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