Eyebrow make-up mistakes – The ultimate anti-list

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I raise mine when I see some brows while walking down the street.

Yes, eyebrows, because their owners mysteriously disappear behind them and the first thing to see are those “eyebrows”, that is unnatural, comic and overdrawn (entirely drawn?) etc.

To make some of you aware of the danger hidden behind the eyebrows make-up, I prepared a list of the most common brow make-up mistakes, so here it is:

  1. Too perfect eyebrows — which are drawn with such a precision and dedication that you see from afar that it’s a fake, my dear ladies. They look pretty, I’d say, flawless, but are also a distraction from the rest of the face. This (unfortunately) makes them unnatural, so people with perfect eyebrows look like an alien or a doll. These brows have too much stress put on the edges and the inner part is too “coloured”, i.e. filled with gel, pomade or pencil.
  2. Too geometrical eyebrows — many girls use so-called eyebrow stencils. These are great because help with determining eyebrow shape, but do you really want to rely exclusively on them? I advise against it, unless, you want to have eyebrows straight from a sketchbook of the architect.
  3. Inner eyebrow part is way too much stressed than the end. It is extremely common mistake in eyebrow make-up. Many girls mistakenly believe that the thicker part needs more product than the narrow part. It looks unnatural and creates a bit crooked appearance.
  4. Exceptionally thin eyebrows, created to have the same thickness all the way. Unfortunately — thin eyebrows never look good. They make your face appear grotesque and ridiculous. To me, it resembles the clown. I advise against it 🙂

There are also mistakes connected to eyebrow waxing… but we will get to it next time 🙂

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