Nanolash Cluster Lashes – DIY Lash Extensions – My Wow Effect!

I’ve been caring for my lashes with the help of my lash artist for over 4 years. Most often I had 4D lashes done because I appreciate the ultimate volume. After years of treatments, my lash artist herself recommended  I take a break to let my natural lashes recover. Well, but could I live without my lash extensions on a daily basis? That’s why I decided to test the DIY Eyelash Extensions from Nanolash!

I have to confess that 4 years of lash extensions were not good for my natural lashes. They became weak, thinning, and fine. It seems to me that a break in permanent styling was necessary to save them.

Apparently, there are some good mascaras but the effects of most are questionable though. I was really used to my full, voluminous lashes. That’s why I decided to test the cluster lashes for DIY application from Nanolash!

DIY Eyelash Extensions – why did I decide to give them a go?

As I mentioned, voluminous lashes have always been a major part of my look. The moment my beautician recommended to take a break, I couldn’t get used to my new short lashes lacking definition.

DIY lash extensions from Nanolash immediately caught my attention. The manufacturer indicated that the effects of a single application last up to 5 days. Thus, it is not permanent. In addition, the application should take no more than 10 minutes. This sounded like the perfect solution to my problems.

A huge variety of choices persuaded me to finally try these cluster lashes for at-home application. In one box there are as many as 36 clusters in 3 lengths: 10, 12, and 14 mm. This is the perfect formula to create my favorite Russian Volume eyelash look. Let me just add that there are as many as 8 styles to choose from.

There is also a complete lash extension kit available for purchase. It includes – in addition to the clusters – a bonder, a remover, eyelash tweezers, and a sealer. These are the necessary accessories to perform the application at home by yourself.


How many minutes did it take to apply my Nanolash DIY eyelash extensions?

The manufacturer promises that a single DIY application should not take more than 10 minutes. Having completed it, I can confirm this. Applying these cluster lashes at home didn’t cause me any major problems. In fact, I followed 3 simple steps:

  • I applied the bonder and waited for it to become tacky – one thin coat is enough;
  • I applied the cluster underneath my lashes, about 1 mm away from the lash line, and fuzed the lashes together using the tweezers;
  • I finished off the application with the sealer to remove the sticky layer.
Cluster lashes for self application (DIY)

I used 5 clusters per application, but as I mentioned, I like my lash look to be voluminous. You guys can confidently use 4 lash clusters, which will ensure a softer effect.

Are Nanolash cluster lashes as durable as they say?

While researching my first-ever self-lash extensions at home, I noticed that the Nanolash brand claims a durability of up to 5 days. Of course, I had to check it out.

I was preparing for a 5-day business trip, so I applied the clusters just before it. Upon my return, they were still intact, so I decided not to take them off. After 8 days they continued to look great. So I can confirm that this time the manufacturer was not wrong either.

In fact, I tried to sleep on my back and care for my DIY lash extensions properly. In my opinion, this significantly extended their longevity.

The next day I decided to take the clusters off to check one more issue. They are supposed to be designed for single use. However, why throw away cluster lashes that continue to look great?

After removing them with a remover, the clusters did not change their shape, and I removed the glue from the strip without much effort. I completed another application using the same DIY Lash Extensions. The results were stunning! In my opinion, these cluster lashes can be reused.

Am I satisfied with DIY Eyelash Extensions?

DIY Eyelash Extensions impressed me for several reasons:

  • I did my own lash extensions in 10 minutes;
  • these cluster lashes are reusable;
  • the application was durable;
  • these lash clusters for DIY application lashes did not worsen the condition of my lashes.

I recommend this product with a clear conscience. It helped me solve all my lash problems!

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