The sworn enemy of all women! What’s edematous cellulite? How to get rid of it?

Girls! Do you have problem with cellulite despite your young age? It appears that you are not the only one! I was struggling with this problem long without being aware of the fact that I needed completely different set of conditioning substances because the cause of cellulite wasn’t what I assumed it to be. It’s worth realising that cellulite isn’t always the sign of ageing or obesity.

Owning to this entry, you can find information concerning cellulite (not only edematous type), who can be dogged by it and (the most important) how to fight it back effectively. Enjoy! 🙂

CELLULITE. What’s this?

Experts say that cellulite is the improper disposition of fats that is accompanied with lesions of hypodermis. In practice it stands for this hatred orange peel, non-elastic skin, swollen, with uneven protrusion; simply the skin that isn’t pretty. In other words, if we are affected by cellulite, this means that our skin is far from looking like the skin of cover girls’.

Additionally, this happens to be the problem of women only. Guys don’t have cellulite because their skin is built differently, it’s definitely thicker with smaller amount of hypodermis fat tissue.

We can distinguish various types of cellulite. Here are the ones that occur most frequently:

  • hard cellulite (touches young women and becomes visible when the skin is squeezed),
  • soft cellulite (appears on bodies of people who don’t exercise much and whose skin gets flabby),
  • edematous cellulite (categorised as a disease of affluence).

It’s worth realizing that the first two types are the successive stages of fat cellulite, also known as lipid cellulite. If treated in a wrong way, it gradually becomes more serious and, in its final form, it can turn into being very advanced and painful. When it comes to the last type, it appears separately and, as far as I am concerned, it is the most popular kind of cellulite.

Frequently, we hastily put the blame on fat deposits for being the cause of cellulite so we start losing weight. After a few weeks, it begins clear to see that our mission hasn’t brought any looked-for effects. It’s worth mentioning that even models struggle with this problem because the cause of cellulite also includes hormonal disorders, blood and lymph circulation problems, sedentary lifestyle and even genetic predispositions or even too much water gathered in organism.

How to distinguish edematous cellulite from lipid cellulite?

Ok. Now we are clear what cellulite is. Here comes another question, how to distinguish edematous cellulite from lipid cellulite? It’s worth realising that unlike lipid cellulite, edematous cellulite:

  • affects slim and young women, in general,
  • most frequently occurs on thighs or the inner side of arms,
  • it’s accompanied with swelling, especially when period is about to start,
  • creates characteristic lumps under skin.

How does edematous cellulite develop?

I guess, many of you wonder why edematous cellulite affects mostly young women who aren’t obese at all. In order to answer this question, you have to find out what causes edematous cellulite in the first place. The primal reason is the accumulation of water in organism as well as blood circulation and hormonal disorders. Therefore, edematous cellulite is encouraged by:

  • hormonal contraception,
  • lack of physical activity,
  • frequent wearing of tight clothes,
  • sedentary lifestyle,
  • crossing legs,
  • irregularly consumed food,
  • frequent wearing of high-heels.

Are there all the causes of edematous cellulite? Probably not, yet they are the most common ones. Just write them down and carry the piece of paper always with you because the very first step that has to be taken in order to fight back cellulite is limiting everything that causes it.

How to get rid of edematous cellulite?

The first thing is to minimise the factors which cause edematous cellulite. To give you a few examples, if you wear high heels daily, replace them with some more comfortable footwear. Also, wean yourself from crossing the legs and start moving more (doing a few squats during your coffee break is a good idea). If your job requires sitting, try to change your position frequently, get up from time to time. In the afternoon, you can go for a walk, go to a swimming pool or ride a bike. Simply, boost your blood circulation to reduce the swelling. If I were to give you advice, just go for physical activity and eat healthily. Of course, all of what I’ve just mentioned is prophylaxis.

How to get rid of edematous cellulite that has already occurred?

1. Cosmetics targeting cellulite – mostly choose the products of draining features, which are able to reduce the excess of water that accumulated in organism. In most cases, these are creams and balms based on birch, bamboo, orange tree, cherry, guarana, artichoke, olive, common dandelion, chamomile, grapefruit, horsetail, rosemary extracts, to name just a few. Luckily, there are a lot of possibilities so we have plenty to choose from when it comes to applying cosmetics targeting cellulite. From my perspective, I can suggest you to use products containing caffeine and tea extracts – these are good at stimulating blood flow and fat degradation. For that very reason, a great solution is delivered by, for example, home coffee peeling, recommended by all bloggers, I guess. It’s one of the most effective ways of dealing with cellulite.

2. Blood stimulating massage – you can do it during taking a shower or when applying your favourite body conditioning cosmetic. Just a few minutes devoted to this procedure daily (keep massaging until you notice skin becoming reddened) to minimise cellulite. Better blood circulation equals less serious problem. Naturally, you can aid yourself using special tools such as an anti-cellulite glove made of hard bristle. Basically, all rough washing clothes or sponges are a good solution here because they stimulate blood flow, relax muscles, warm up skin and eliminate dead epidermis cells.

3. Beauty treatments combating cellulite – the simplicity is the core here, but if cellulite happens to be really obvious and if it is hard to remove it using home methods, you can reach for professional treatments targeting cellulite. However, I’m not going to describe in details all of the procedures because I’ve never used such help. All I can say though is that the most popular treatments combating cellulite are: iontophoresis, oxy therapy, needleless mesotherapy, vacuum massage and cryolipolysis. Unfortunately, I’m not sure whether they are effective, or not. Have you ever exposed your body to one of the professional treatments I enumerated? Tell me below!

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