How to get rid of blackheads? My reliable methods for cleansing 

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I must admit that until I took cosmetology classes, I had no idea that the problem of unpurified skin affects so many people. Nearly all women, regardless of the type of their skin (oily, dry or combination), use a variety of ways to get rid of clogged pores. Conclusion?

We are all in need of knowing reliable and effective ways for cleansing the skin thoroughly. 

From my own experience, I know that it all depends on our needs, our skin type and the susceptibility to various ingredients. For some, the brand new mask will work wonders and for others, it will not remove impurities, on the contrary, it will cause irritation. Everything is a matter of individual preference. That is why:

I present my proven, effective (at least for me), cheap ways you can try on yourself to clean face of blackheads  🙂

Moreover, to truly know how to deal with the problem, you must know what you are really struggling with. Blackheads (clogged pores) are impurities that clog the hair follicles. Where do they come from? For example, they are caused by excess sebum secretion, which in combination with pollution from the environment and dead skin cells, create a dark, ugly and difficult to remove dot on the skin.


Scrub as a prevention

It might sound as a phrase copied from the book, but I found out that this is actually true. The most important thing is prevention. We must do everything to prevent the problem and do not have to fight it later. In my case, I noticed a lower number of ugly blackheads after I started exfoliating my skin regularly. Sometimes, I choose the ready-made scrubs available at the drugstores, but more often I do them myself. I mix Coconut oil, Almond oil or Jojoba oil with coarse sugar and make homemade sugar scrub. No impurities – no clogged pores! 🙂

Masks and Patches 

I just love using them! They come in different forms, we can buy them or do them ourselves. It is very important that they contain activated charcoal – an ingredient that purifies the skin thoroughly. Japanese black face masks have become the recent hits. However, you must be cautious when using them – they might irritate. I also recommend nose patches. You simply wet them and stick to your nose (that’s where the majority of blackheads appears). After it becomes completely dry, we just peel it off the skin together with the impurities. They also include charcoal but are more gentle to the skin and less expensive.

However, you can prepare a homemade facial cleanser yourself. It is very easy, simply use activated charcoal (available in every pharmacy) and combine it with an oil. Another good idea is to use whipped egg white with a lemon or cranberry juice or infusion of flaxseed applied after cooling down to the problematic areas.

Do you like my ideas? Please let me know! 🙂

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