My 4 Tried&Tested Methods for Perfect Eye Make-Up

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Hey, girls! Panda eyes, clumped and sticking together eyelashes, smudged eye make-up… We all have been through similar or the same beauty fails. Is it possible to prevent such ugly mishaps? Of course, it is! Read on to discover the secrets of beautiful make-up. First of all, say NO to mascara clumps! Clumping and sticking together lashes aren’t attracti[...]

My 4 Magical Tricks to Boost Hair Volume

Do you also struggle with flat hair that lacks volume? You have problem styling a hairdo? Fine, non-stop flat hair, easily weighed down with unsuitable products. I know it’s really tiring… Read on about my favorite, tried and tested methods for hair body boosting. You don’t need to spend money on a weekly hair salon visit. You can add volume at home.[...]

4 Skin Types. How to Take Care of Each One?

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Hi, girls! Skin type decides about products you use. As you know, there are four basic skin types: dry, normal, oily and combination. Sometimes, people add capillary, acne-prone and many others. However, today, we’re focusing on the ones known to everybody. DRY SKIN Dry skin doesn’t produce sebum so makeup is longer-lasting. On the other hand, you strug[...]