Green concealer – How to use it to avoid Shrek effect?

You remember the green ogre from Dreamworks movies, right? That was my first thought when I heard of... green concealer! Today, I would love to tell you more about its use (concealer, not Shrek), a few advantages and I will tell you how to include green concealer in your make-up to avoid the Shrek effect. Obviously, it's a compendium of my experience and kn[...]

Thermal water and mist. Why do I like those so much?

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Hi, Girls! Thermal water and mists are my favourite cosmetics. I take those with me in every long travel because can perfectly refresh and moisturise and some of them preserve make-up. What else makes me like thermal mists this much? Read my today post and you'll learn all about these very practical cosmetics. Enjoy! Thermal water and mists — the histo[...]

My 4 Tried&Tested Methods for Perfect Eye Make-Up

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Hey, girls! Panda eyes, clumped and sticking together eyelashes, smudged eye make-up… We all have been through similar or the same beauty fails. Is it possible to prevent such ugly mishaps? Of course, it is! Read on to discover the secrets of beautiful make-up. First of all, say NO to mascara clumps! Clumping and sticking together lashes aren’t attracti[...]

Eyebrow make-up mistakes – The ultimate anti-list

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I raise mine when I see some brows while walking down the street. Yes, eyebrows, because their owners mysteriously disappear behind them and the first thing to see are those “eyebrows”, that is unnatural, comic and overdrawn (entirely drawn?) etc. To make some of you aware of the danger hidden behind the eyebrows make-up, I prepared a list of the most[...]

Project Pan. Cosmetics used up in the past months

Hi everybody! It is finally time for the Project Pan post. In the last few months, I have used up a lot of cosmetics. Unfortunately, I couldn't fit all of them in one post. Hence I decided to review only the most interesting and the best ones. Perhaps, I will write another post about the rest of the products sometime in the future. Enjoy your reading!:-) Ma[...]