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How to Care for Color-Treated Hair? Coloring, Cosmetics & Treatments

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Hey, girls! Hair coloring means different things for us. It can be just fun, a way to hide gray strands or a total image make-over. If you have your hair colored for these reasons, you must know how to do it the right way. If you feel like changing a hair color and have no idea how to get round to it – read my short guide. Enjoy! HAIR COLORING If you[...]

What harms the hair? What to avoid to have healthy hair

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Hello, lovelies! Things that are harmful to our hair have already been mentioned in various posts, nevertheless, this question is still most common in the e-mails I receive from you on a daily basis. Therefore, I have decided to devote a separate entry and gather all the things that are dangerous to our hair. Let's get the list started!  Hair Bleaching[...]