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What harms the hair? What to avoid to have healthy hair

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Hello, lovelies! Things that are harmful to our hair have already been mentioned in various posts, nevertheless, this question is still most common in the e-mails I receive from you on a daily basis. Therefore, I have decided to devote a separate entry and gather all the things that are dangerous to our hair. Let's get the list started!  Hair Bleaching[...]
Nanoil - effective hair oil

My Hair Oiling Champion – Nanoil!

Hey! Today’s post is about my beloved oil. I cannot imagine my daily hair care without it. Believe it or not but I found it … on a different blog. Now I am glad I got tempted. Let me introduce the star of this episode – Nanoil hair oil designed for three types of hair porosity. I guess everything has been said about hair porosity and oiling. If[...]

Top 4 Hair Products. Something for Growth and Shine!

Hi, girls! Today’s post is about my 4 top hair products that made my scalp healthy and hair – stronger. Do you also have such cosmetics? I’m curious about your favorite hair care products. Seboradin Niger Shampoo It’s recommended for oily scalp and thinning hair. One 200 ml bottle allows for a very long treatment. How does Seboradin Niger Shampoo wo[...]