Your everyday party style – Confetti Hair

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Summer is upon us, so it is time for some madness on our heads! It is time for another interesting hair colouring method. I am up to date on the trends that appear on the Instagram and other social media platforms and I saw plenty of different crazy colouring techniques. I admit that confetti hair took me by surprise. At first, I thought that the pictures[...]

What harms the hair? What to avoid to have healthy hair

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Hello, lovelies! Things that are harmful to our hair have already been mentioned in various posts, nevertheless, this question is still most common in the e-mails I receive from you on a daily basis. Therefore, I have decided to devote a separate entry and gather all the things that are dangerous to our hair. Let's get the list started!  Hair Bleaching[...]

Colour-treated, damaged, oily hair? Discover how to take care of your hair properly

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Hello! If you have colour-treated hair and continue to take care of it the same way as before applying the dye, you might not be aware that it is a huge mistake. Are your strands dry and thinning or maybe you struggle with excessive oiliness? You must take matters into your own hands, immediately! Read today's entry and you will discover how to take car[...]

How to regenerate your hair? Try the new Fusion cosmetics line from Wella Professionals

Hello! Wella Professionals knows how to take care of damaged hair. The brand has just released a new line of products, Fusion, to the cosmetics market. How does it work and will it help your hair? Read my text and you'll find out everything. Wella Professionals cosmetics There are seven cosmetics in the new series from the Wella Professionals brand. T[...]