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Sweet Moment – Valentine’s Day limited edition by Organique

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Organique is one of my favourite brand selling conditioning products and I've been faithful to it for a few years now. I keep an eye on all the new stuff Organique releases, but I also like to reach for the products that have been available in this brand's offer longer. One of such products is the limited edition cosmetics designed for Valentine's Day. Altho[...]

My lashes fell in love with Nanolash. Whom I recommend this product to?

Uff... I was making a start on writing this entry for a week and I thought I wouldn't manage to post it! I was flooded with work, household chores, and my studies. And I wanted so badly to share my opinion about Nanolash with you. It's an eyelash serum that I've been regularly using for more than two months and I can recommend it to you with my clear consc[...]