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How to be a conscious consumer? My proven tricks to start buying beauty products wisely

Hello! Which one of you doesn't like shopping for beauty products? I bet, all of you adore this. I know, you can't just simply walk past discounted cosmetics, ignore free shipping days, don't use the bonus that your boss has just given you or find an excuse to put yourself in a good mood. And this is how a few new - often unnecessary - beauty products find[...]

Thermal water and mist. Why do I like those so much?

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Hi, Girls! Thermal water and mists are my favourite cosmetics. I take those with me in every long travel because can perfectly refresh and moisturise and some of them preserve make-up. What else makes me like thermal mists this much? Read my today post and you'll learn all about these very practical cosmetics. Enjoy! Thermal water and mists — the histo[...]

Eyebrow make-up mistakes – The ultimate anti-list

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I raise mine when I see some brows while walking down the street. Yes, eyebrows, because their owners mysteriously disappear behind them and the first thing to see are those “eyebrows”, that is unnatural, comic and overdrawn (entirely drawn?) etc. To make some of you aware of the danger hidden behind the eyebrows make-up, I prepared a list of the most[...]